The Capital Meat Company is your source for the freshest whole-muscle and portion controlled USDA Prime and Choice beef products. We process daily for same-day delivery and custom grind several different blends. Our experienced portion control room takes great pride in providing the highest quality products that are guaranteed to please your customers.


The Capital Meat Company is known for our successful integration of our high quality Wagyu program into our product line. Wagyu (or Kobe style) beef is just as rich in history and mystique as it is in taste. World renowned for its flavor, exceptional marbling and tenderness, Wagyu beef is graded higher than USDA Prime beef. We offer an extensive line of high-quality Wagyu beef from around the world. We source our Wagyu from Japan, Austrailia and the U.S. Order a Wagyu cut today and enjoy one of the world’s most sought-after delicacies.


The Capital Meat Company operates the finest dry-age facility in the area. Our careful control over the humidity and the quality of air circulation offers our dry aged beef products a unique and sought-after taste. We offer a variety of options from our dry age room including portion sizes as well as whole primal and specialty cuts.